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Women's Herbal Symposium: Brigid - Healing, Transformation

  • Black Oak Ranch Laytonville, CA (map)

Brigid - Healing, Transformation - Two Part Class with Phoenix LeFae

The three-fold Goddess Brigid is connected to poetry, mid-wifery, and blacksmithing. She holds the power of transformation, knowing the right words to recite, and the proper herbs for change.

Together we will call Brigid and ask for her guidance with our creative pursuits and to help us heal our relationships with our bodies.

Through our bodies, we experience the world’s most outrageous pleasures and most frustrating pains, and these experiences determine how we move through the world. Celebrate, examine, heal, reminisce over and laugh about your relationship with your one and only body in this two-part writing workshop. We will sample flower essences and tinctures and will call in Brigid for inspiration.

Is it time for you to work with the heat and temperance at the forge? Is it time for you to write the poetesses words of change for a better world? Is it time for you to become with wild witch and learn the healing arts? Brigid shows us the way to our own empowerment and from that place we change the world. Using song, trance journey, and embodiment we connect to Divinity and take that power out into our lives.